Friday, September 9, 2011

September 9, 2011

3 months, 4 days since diagnosis
day #4 of current hospital stay
days until transplant - unknown

The good news is we now know that Riker has staph epidermidis which is an infection caused by the bacteria on her skin. This is common and treated easily enough. Her line is out and she can begin to heal. The bad news is, not having a central line means peripheral IVs. While she does not have a line for at least 3 days, she has absolutely no use of her arms or hands. The splints that she wears on each of her arms keeps her from damaging the IVs she has in each of her hands. Poor Roo... she's hanging in there so well but she's so grumpy.

Labs are being drawn for new cultures every day until we're certain the infection has cleared. Although Riker can get all of her meds through her IVs, the labs need to be drawn through a clean prick. At least once a day, she needs to be stuck with a needle while they pull vials of blood for testing. If all goes well, though, we should be able to get a new line put in on Monday and all of this will be behind us. Riker will need to finish out some antibiotics but she should be able to do that at home.

Right now, we're crossing our fingers that we might be going home as early as Tuesday. This would mean an entire week home as a family before we try to make it to Boston once more.

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