Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011

3 months, 2 days since diagnosis
day #2 of current hospital stay
days until transplant - unknown

The blood cultures have grown what appears to be staph. 1 day from starting chemo for transplant, we have an bona fide infection. She's doing well, though. We couldn't have had a better time for this. Any earlier and she wouldn't have had the counts to fight it off. Any later and she would have already been going through the awful chemo that leads up to transplant. That chemo can cause a fever and certainly would make her feel awful - we may not have known it was an infection at all. Catching it now may have just saved her life.

Unfortunately, however, this means putting off transplant by 2 weeks. It also means that they have to take out her central line and put in a new one. This is the one I'm really upset about. This means another surgery and accessing another major vein. The oncologist assures me, though, that the surprise is not that she needs this procedure but that she did not need this procedure for 3 months. He feels confident that replacing the line will be a good thing before transplant.

So, we'll be here at least through the weekend. I'm still holding on to the hope that the blood culture was contaminated and that she doesn't have an infection, after all. The chances are very low but - who knows?

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