Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011 - Day #33

The good news we've been waiting for: Riker has achieved morphologic remission! This is only the first victory in a very long road for dear Riker. Best case scenario, we'll have at least another 5 months of hospital stays and over half of that will be spent in Boston.
The remission she has achieved today basically means that they cannot detect any cancerous cells under a basic microscope. Samples have been sent off to Seattle where they will do far more precise testing to determine just how good this remission is.
Riker's second round of chemo is fully underway and so far she is tolerating it well. We still have another 5 full days to get through. If she can stay healthy through this round, we are getting her food issues under better control every day. Without any setbacks caused by the chemo, we should be able to get her off the TPN within the next month. She is taking the bottle occasionally and tolerating her NG tube feedings better than before.
Today, Jon, Valentine, and I went down to the clinic in Scarborough for some HLA type testing. When these tests come back in a couple of weeks, we'll know what kind of match Riker's family is. If we are not an acceptable match, we'll be looking at the registry for a stranger. This will be Riker's best chance at long term survival. Let's hope we are able to find one for her quickly.
The expectation at this point is that Riker will have one more round of chemo after she recovers from the current round. Then, if a suitable match has been found, we will be going down to Boston for a transplant. We'll then spend at least 3 months down there for the transplant.
For now, our little family is just enjoying today. It feels really good to finally have some good news :)

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  1. That's great! Keep Hanging in there, Tory, Jon, and Valentine;