Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011 - Day #55

Extreme Makeover Home Edition called today. Wow... I cannot even imagine anyone being interested in our story. I know we have unique circumstances that warrant a new house but are we really that special? I'll do anything to make sure that Riker is safe, though. A new house is a must to keep my little girl safe. In order to apply to be on the show, we'll need to make a video and answer a bazillion questions. When will I find the time?
There are a million things to do in order to get into a new house. What can we afford? What can't we afford? How will we make this happen? I am thrilled that we may get the help we need but I am also even more stressed out than before. How will I pull this together? Do I even want to be on TV? I don't want to sound ungrateful but I just cannot take on another task.
Today has been very stressful for me. Riker was still not allowed to come home. Her counts have not recovered. I didn't think I'd be this disappointed but I am. I was really hoping to bring her home. When I came home, Valentine was so excited. "Mommy! We're going to see Riker! yeah!!" :( "No, not yet, Valentine." "But she's a little bit better, right? She can come home?" "No, not yet, Valentine." Talk about breaking my heart.
I need to get a hold of myself. I feel like I'm breaking apart, a little more each day. My patience is at an all time low and I find myself snapping at my family. I am constantly apologizing to Jon and Valentine. I need a break but I'm not sure how to take one. There is no break from this. This is my life and you don't get a break from life.


  1. Yes Tory, Your family deserves Extreme Makeover. This would be perfect for Riker and the family. Please remember that so many people are here to help you and get Riker and the family through this. And enough though Valentine is just little she understands that you are doing the best you can. Keep thinking positive.


  2. I agree with the anonymous comment above. Maybe a close family member can help you out with this because I agree this is such a special blessing as you may end up with a mortgage free beautiful and safe home for your family. Can you image that. All of you safe and sound in a safe home for sweet baby Riker and maybe even mortgage FREE. I so hope you can find someone local to help you with the video and answering some questions. I know I would do it for you if I lived in the area. Hugs from Oklahoma. Hand over your worry and grief to God just even for a few hours you will feel so refreshed. We are continuing to pray for you all. <3