Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011 - Day #52

No tubes! Finally, Riker is taking a bottle from the nurses. The NG tube is out and the hospital staff has agreed to treat her like a normal baby - they will allow her to control her intake and take her weight and nutrition stats as proof of how she is doing. Right now, she's like a normal baby :)
Her blood counts are coming up and Riker is feeling good. The doctor's have decided to put her blood tests back to every other day. When she is tested again on Wednesday, her counts are expected to be up enough for her to go home! Even if they are not, this makes it nearly certain she will go home over the weekend :)
She will start her next round of chemo (consolodation) on Tuesday. This will begin with another LP (lumbar puncture) and chemo put directly into her spinal fluid. This should be her last round of chemo in Portland. After that, we're off to Boston.

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