Friday, July 15, 2011

July 14, 2011 - Day #41

I spent today with my girls and it was beautiful! Their love for each other is so amazing and I wish I could just see them together more often. It is so difficult to try and split my attention here at the hospital. Thankfully, Riker was unhooked and allowed outside again today. Wonderful! It almost felt normal.
When we left the hospital it was not as pleasant. Valentine clung to Riker and cried - "Riker Riker... I NEED you." My heart is still breaking. I was carrying a half a dozen bags and Valentine sobbed to be picked up the entire walk out to the car. She needs so much more than I am giving her right now. I hate that she needs to "toughen up." A 2 year old just needs to get over it? It seems cruel. To both of us...

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