Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011 - Day #27

I bought a new bottle - the Adiri Natural Nurser, which is shaped more like a breast. The nurse was able to give her 10 ccs today! It's not much but it is a start. I would feel so much better if she would eat when I'm not there. I feel so incredibly guilty being away - it would make it just a little easier if she would just eat.
Riker continues to do well and we are still on target for our weekend adventures. When you're in the hospital, everything is day by day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed - I am so looking forward to this.
Next week, our entire family has to go to the hospital for genetic testing. We'll have blood drawn and they will begin the process of seeing what sort of match we are for donating marrow. This will include Valentine who is her best chance at a match. They indicated earlier that she may be too young to donate, however. I guess the process will take some time to figure out if we are capable of donating. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information about this but I will be prepared with lots of questions when we meet with the nurse next week.

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  1. If the Adiri doesn't work (or she decides she doesn't like it anymore) we tried the Tommee Tippie line sold at Babies R Us. My daughter wouldn't take any other bottle after trying this one. Good luck!