Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011

2 months and 4 days since diagnosis
day #9 of current hospital stay

Boston again today. Riker and I went down by ambulance in order to prepare for transplant next month. It was just a simple blood draw and consult with the oncologist. After that, I was able to tour the unit we'd be staying in and get some questions answered.
Really, nothing changed from the last visit. We'll be bringing Riker down the second week of September to begin 10 days of conditioning chemo. This will likely start to make her feel sick several days after it starts, peaking at the 10th day. She will have mouth sores and fevers/infections are almost certain. Valentine will go down and the transplant will take place after these 10 days.
Recovery will take 20-30 days for Riker. Once her ANC counts are over 500 for 3 days in a row, she will be discharged. After discharge, she'll need to be seen twice weekly in Boston for testing for a couple of weeks. We'll likely stay at the Ronald McDonald house during that time. After that, we'll only need to go to Boston weekly or even less. The rest of the time, we can get her testing done in Portland.
Of course, once we're home, we'll still need to remain in isolation until approximately 6 months after transplant. We're looking at being isolated until mid-March.
None of this is really a revelation. We covered this on our last trip. It seems to be more certain, however, and we're getting consistent answers which is a good sign. Transplant is just around the corner now - time to get ready.

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