Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

59 days since diagnosis
day #1 of current hospital stay

We're back. I moved Riker and all our stuff back into the Barbara Bush Children's hospital today. She will start her 3rd round of chemo (consolidation) tomorrow at 7:30am. This is supposed to be the last round before conditioning and transplant in Boston.
Our 2 days home were great. We felt like a real family again. Both my girls under the same roof.
Riker didn't sleep great and I was up feeding her every 2 hours but it sure was worth it. For now, though, we're back to our routine in the hospital. Hopefully we'll get another reprieve at the end of this month.
On another note, our friends have been helping us make videos to submit for the Extreme Makeover application. It's coming together nicely. I even got a video of Riker's oncologist. If we did get picked, it would be such a fantastic opportunity to educate the public about leukemia, the donor registry, and on infants and cancer. Perhaps we could do our part in some small way to contribute towards finding a cure and saving lives.
Hopefully we'll have something together by the end of next weekend! In order for this to happen we will need an answer soon!

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