Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 6 & 7, 2011 - Day 66 & 67

6 months, 2 days since diagnosis
76 days away from home

I really think we're going home! At clinic today, Riker's potassium was high but all the other results were good. We'll be going again to check her electrolytes on Friday and will go home after if they are at acceptable levels. Jon is coming tonight and we're going to pack a car load of things to send home. It's really happening... almost 3 months away from my family and we're going home.

Of course, there is a chance that they will want to monitor her further because of the potassium levels. They always have to be so careful. I am trying to brace myself for the disappointment but I don't think I can this time. For months, I have tried to push my family from my mind. Many days, I didn't think of them at all - just so I could function. I cannot put them out of my mind anymore. I want to be home!

If the potassium levels remain high, it can mean heart problems for Riker. They may want to order an EKG or other diagnostic testing. We have increased her bi-citra dosage from 20ccs per day to 30ccs. I hope that does the trick. I will gladly stay if she needs it but I would just rather she be fine and be able to come home!

We have not been able to secure a house so we've decided to move into my parents' house. They are having it cleaned and it should be a safe place for Riker until we can find our own safe place. Thankfully, they have the space and we'll even all get our own rooms.

I worry, though, about the stress this will put on all of us. Having the kids there full time will exhaust Grandma and Grandpa. I can try to keep them away as much as possible but it's doubtful that I will be able to. This is just another transition, though, and we'll just have to find a new normal.

All and all, they are thrilled to have us and so excited to welcome us home. I am starting to feel more excited about going there, too. It will be nice not to be alone all the time. It will be nice to have some help. It will be nice spending Christmas with them.

Now... just crossing my fingers and toes until Friday. Please send us home!!

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