Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2, 2011 - Day 32

4 months, 4 weeks since diagnosis
day #41 of current hospital stay

Riker's not tolerating her feeds so well. No wonder she didn't want to eat! She's been throwing up and I can tell her belly just doesn't feel right. We raised as high as 16 ccs an hour and that's when she really doesn't do well. This is only 1/2 an ounce; so it's not much. The NG tube has stayed in, though. We stopped her feeds for a bit and we're working on the 16 ccs again. We'll keep weaning her up and hopefully working her gut until she can tolerate the calories she needs.

We have decided to put an G tube in. It will make the eating so much less stressful for her and I and it means we can leave the hospital sooner than later. The GI team is coming to consult tomorrow and we could have it put in as early as Monday. The recovery time for this procedure is minimal so, as soon as she starts tolerating her feeds, we will be discharged. Yikes!

We've weaned down the morphine to .5 every 6 hours and we're going to try to push that to every 8 hours. That's progress. We've decided to leave the Ativan alone - especially because she's still throwing up.

Also, the doctors do believe the bronchiolitis is improving. They also noted that an otherwise healthy baby can have a virus and cough hang on for weeks. They are not concerned which is comforting.

Overall, she looks good. She's been more fussy today than usual but I think that's because her tummy feels so crumby. I can still get smiles and laughs out of her so she can't be feeling too bad. If she continues to improve, we may be living in the Ronald McDonald house by the end of next week!

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