Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011 - Day #10

Another good day. Riker was finally extubated and was awake when I arrived at the hospital. She is still on oxygen and has a feeding tube in her nose. I had to wait 4 hours from extubation to try to feed her and her nurse was certian she wouldn't be able to nurse at first. My little girl latched right away! Boy, was I proud at their suprise :)

As a side effect of the breathing tube, poor Riker has no voice and a horrible cough. I think the poor thing is trying to cry but all she can do is let out a few raspy breaths. It is so hard to listen to her and it sounds like she's struggling to breath. The nurse assures me this is normal and that she's breathing just fine. I'm on edge listening to her as I type this.

Generally, I'm in good spirits and so thankful for all the good news and encouragment from friends. Just over a week ago, I got the worst news any mother could get. Now I'm rejoicing that my little girl is breathing on her own. My world has completely turned upside down.

The last week or so has felt like a dream. I've been home a lot preparing for the rough road ahead of us, waiting for them to wake my Riker. Now, I feel liked I've crested some horrible rollar coaster ride and I'm just going to have to hang on and hope I survive. Tonight, I'm spending my first night in the hospital and I already miss Valentine and Jon. Balancing my family life will be nearly impossible over the next year.


  1. Remember you have friends to help balance the scales! Make sure to eat yummy foods... We can bring homemade dinners to you!

  2. My friends son was in the PICU just a few months ago and when they removed his breathing tube and feeding tube the little man had no voice. It will come back, and when my friends little guys voice came back at actually startled him. Your doing great and she is beautiful and strong! Kudos to you and your family!