Monday, October 10, 2011

October 9, 2011 - Day 8

4 months, 4 days since diagnosis
day #18 of current hospital stay

These are the not-so-pretty days of transplant. These are the days where people who want updates may not really want updates. These are the days when I do not have any pictures of a baby smiling through adversity. I still have pictures. These pictures are still of the same strong baby they always were. But, these pictures are not pretty.

Valentine came down for a visit today. I needed to see her so badly. Riker, however, was still amid fevers, vomiting blood, high blood pressure, and in obvious discomfort. Still, these were expected symptoms and both of my daughters need me for every different reasons. The video below was taken moments before I had to leave Riker to be with Valentine. Riker is trying to play through the pain... she is unable to open her eyes due to swelling and she is drooling spit mixed with blood. She is moaning in discomfort but still trying to play.

I remind myself that these days were not meant to be pretty and that we all must carry on. Then I take a deep breath and walk out the door for a few hours so that I can be there for Valentine, too.


  1. She's still playing though she is so sick. She is a fighter and stronger than any of us know.

  2. We do want updates. True friends want to hear about life's ups and downs... even if the downs are really really down!